My name is Szymon Styrczula and I was born in 1992 in Wrocław, Poland. I was happy and careless child who loved to make models with plasticine and clay and whose favorite video game was “The Neverhood”. At the age of 7, I went to school… and it was a beginning of a tough times. I’m sure that you know exactly what I mean if you are a person who also has a worship for personal freedom and you are very sensitive for “inner voices” which says – “This is not, what you are meant to do”. At the age of 13, my older brother showed me an old version of 3D Studio Max and ever after I knew exactly what I’m going to do in my life – making crazy 3D stuff for games and movies. Somehow I’ve managed to graduate form high school and found my first job in a small company (not so small nowadays) creating mobile games. For more than 2 years in that company, I’ve possessed “a very particular set of skills ;)” which are essential to make quality and optimized content for mobile games made in Unity Engine. Nowadays I’m doing all sorts of things that have something in common with broadly defined “computer graphics” and I make a living by doing it. Architectural visualizations, Motion graphics, Special Effects, high and low poly modeling, texture painting, Level Design (Unreal 4, Unity 5, Source Engine), Product visualizations and more. If you are interested in collaboration or want me to do something for you or your company, please do not hesitate to contact me via email – styrczula.szymon@gmail.com